Enjoy Your Diabetic Diet

Persons with diabetes will probably be told by their health care practitioner that they need to stick to a diabetic diet which is a medical nutrition therapy that include most diabetic foods. The best thing to do though is to try and prevent this chronic disease so we can live healthier lives.


There are a few things to take into consideration for the prevention of this disease.

  1. Exercise: It is important to do at least 30 minutes of exercise per day. You can either do vigorous walking or other exercise. Clinical trials have shown that persons who do at least 30 minutes of exercise per day reduce the risk of developing diabetes by 50%. Exercise also improves your overall health.
  2. Include lots of fibre in the diet: Fibre maintains and control blood sugar.
  3. Do not smoke: It is clinically proven that smoking not only increase your risk of developing diabetes but it also increase your risk of lung cancer and other cancers.
  4. Avoid eating trans fat: Basically trans fat or hydrogenated vegetable oils decrease your good cholesterol and increase the bad cholesterol. Reduce saturated fat intake such as bacon, lard, sour cream, butter, dairy products, packaged foods like cake mixes and bisquick, hot dogs, sausages, cup and pack soups, fast food like fries and chicken or foods deep fried in partially hydrogenated oil, processed meats, liver and kidney.
  5. Avoid certain foods: eat less foods made with sugar, bleached flour, and other refined carbohydrates like dry cereals and white rice.
  6. Avoid alcohol: Alcohol contains quickly absorbed carbohydrates which will result in the raising of blood sugar to unhealthy levels.

Even though there is not a specific diabetic diet for all diabetic patients, there are a few guidelines for a healthy diabetic diet. Avoid too much sugar and salt as there are harmful ingredients in them which will increase your sugar level.

It is also recommended to eat small meals or snacks regularly. Your diabetic foods should include low glycemic foods, high soluble fibre, low saturated fat, good fats, and lean protein. There are also herbs for diabetes that can either cure or prevent the disease, on Medicinal herbs-4u.com you will find a list of these herbs and how they can be used. Please see the list of some diabetic foods.

diabetes chart


The best ones are leafy vegetables and vegetable juice preferably without any sweetener, green beans, lettuce, broccoli, celery, spinach, tomatoes, cabbage, carrot, beets and chillies.


Brown rice, whole grain cereals, wheat flour, whole grain products like bread, crackers, pastas, pretzels and baked potatoes.


Fresh fruits, sugar free jams, unsweetened dried fruits, unsweetened canned fruits and 100% fruit juices.


Skinless chicken, steamed fish, low fat cheese, lean beef


Low fat yogurt, low fat skimmed milk or fat free sour cream, low fat cheese.


Avocado, low fat mayonnaise, margarine, light salad dressing, and it is best to cook with olive oil,


Beans, soybeans and nuts like peanuts and pine nuts are the best choices.

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