Edible Flowers and How They Can Be Used

Edible flowers can be used when preparing many different dishes. The flower petals of most of them can be used.


Below you will find the list of flowers that can be consumed. As you know, not all herbs are culinary herbs and it is the same with flowers, not all are edible so we need to know which are safe to consume.

Anise hyssop

This flower has a strong licorice like flavour, the leaves are excellent in salads, and great in soups, fish and meats. Has a strong flavour and should be used sparingly. Its colour is lilac.

Bachelor's button

Also called cornflower and is blue in colour, its flower petals have a slightly sweet to spicy flavour. The blooms are natural food dye for colouring use in pastry making. The flowers can also be used in salads.

Bee Balm

The leaves can be brewed to make a refreshing aromatic medicinal tea which is a treatment to colds, catarrh, headaches, gastric disorders, as an antiseptic and as a diuretic and stimulant. Can also be used as a garnish in salads. A wide variety of colours are available.


A member of the daisy family, some are orange, some are yellow. The flowers can be dried and ground into powder and be of substitute to saffron which gives a similar colour but a different taste. It can then be used to flavour rice, stews, seafood, meats and chowders. The petals can also be used on tossed salads.


Chamomile makes a great tea with a sweet apple colour. The tea can be used as a medicinal herb for several ailments, some includes menstrual cramps, indigestion, fever, colds, headaches, stress, nervousness and for babies it helps with colic and teething pain.


This flower comes in a variety of colours, but only the white and yellow flowers are boiled to make a sweet drink in some parts of Asia and they call it Chrysanthemum tea.


The yellow dandelion flower is popular in Chinese and Korean cuisine, and the dandelion greens are great in salads. The flower petals are used to make wine along with other ingredients and the roots can be used to make a caffeine-free dandelion coffee.

Daylily -

These edible flowers have a wide range of colours with a sweet vegetal taste. They can be boiled and served with butter like beans. They are also frequent in Chinese cuisine.



This is a flower that was originated in South America, a slightly acidic mildly tart flavour. The flowers can be added to salads, but due to the mildly tart flavour they are best eaten in crystalized form, which balances the acidity with sweetness.


Gardenia has a slight sweet flavour, usually white or pale white in colour. The bud is used as a garnish for meals. They are also used to make gardenia ice cream, fruit snacks and teas. They can also be added to rice dishes.


Gadiolus is cooked in a similar way to day lily and tastes a bit like lettuce and the flower petals are used in salads.


Hibiscus has a mild citrus flavour and has a variety of colours, though most are red. Often used to make a beverage which is well known for its colour and citrus flavour. The dried flower is also edible and is popular eaten as a delicacy in Mexico. Can also be used as a garnish.


This flower blooms in white, red and pink, very beautiful. Great to make a tea, and also can be used as a garnish on salads.


The flower petals are yellow, white and purple blooms, very pretty. They can be used in salads, served with soft cheese or used to decorate cakes. They are also great when added to soups, desserts and salads.



Lavender has a sweet floral flavour and can be used to make a lavender lemonade. Delicious with chocolate cakes or as a garnish with sorbets and ice cream. Must be used sparingly because of the intense flavour.


Lilac has a lemony pungent flavour and can be used to make a lilac drink. What you would do to make the drink though is to fill the pitcher with fresh lilac blossoms and pour water on it. Cover and let steep for about an hour. Strain before serving. The blossoms can also be used on fresh green salads.


The flower petals of all marigolds have a citrus like flavour, some varieties are slightly bitter. The citrus like flavoured marigolds can be used on just about anything you would use a lemon on except for juicing. Use the citrus flavoured marigold as a garnish to get a citrus flavoured garnish.


This edible flowers has a wide range of different colours and has a spicy peppery flavour. The flower petals, the leaves and the seeds are all edible. The seeds offer a rich source of vitamin C and iron, they are normally pickled and used as a replacement for capers. The leaves can be used in salads. Because the leaves and flowers have a peppery spicy taste, they can be used to spice up fish, and just about any other dish of your choice.


Pansies comes in a variety of colours and are great for salads. The entire flower is edible and have a mild minty flavour. The flower petals are great to decorate cakes.



This edible flowers is known as the flower of riches and honor, the flower petals are parboiled to make a tea in China, and they can also be used to make a salad.


This edible flowers is available in a variety of colours and has a bland to sweet taste. Can be cooked as a vegetable, or can be added to salads.


Roses have a sweet aromatic flavour and also the flavour depends on the type of rose as the stronger smelling usually has a stronger flavour. All roses are edible and can be used to garnish ice cream, sprinkled on desserts and salads and the flower petals can be used in syrups and jellies.


Sunflowers come in a beautiful sunshine yellow colour, the seeds are eaten as a healthy snack. Great to be eaten in the bud stage and has a similar taste to artichokes. Has a bittersweet flavour.


Another edible flowers that has a sweet nectar flavour. The flowers and leaves can be used in salads and the leaves are also tasty when cooked like spinach.


Ok ok ok, wasn't this a lot? Saw anything you've never seen before about edible flowers? Eager to try your favourite flower in a dish? Well, I hope it turns out right and you like it. Ohhh no, don't leave yet, we have lots more to talk about, just click on your favourite topic and check out more stuff.

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