Do it Naturally with Herbs for Weight Loss

This herbs for weight loss page was put together to give you an idea of the herbs most commonly used for weight loss. We all know that the most effective way to lose weight is through regular exercise.

Herbs for Weight Loss

But, natural herbs for weight loss along with exercising and good diet will help loose the excess weight faster. There are different methods that people use nowadays to loose weight other than herbs and exercise which, I will not disagree may work, but may not be healthy.

However, herbs for weight loss, if used in the right way with proper dieting, exercise and discipline is more effective and healthier with little or no side effects.

So we are going to talk about the different herbs for weight loss and how they should be used in order to get the best results.

Weight Loss Herbs

Aloe vera

Aloe Vera helps to build enough supply of vitamins and minerals which helps in burning excess fat from the body. Vitamins B12 is required for metabolism which you get from aloe vera.

So increasing your aloe vera intake you would improve the availability of vitamin B12 and also other similar vitamins, thus making the body more efficient in energy utilization and in the process reduces energy intake and false hunger. The high metabolism also increases the demand for drinking water which will eventually help cleanse the body organs.



Chickweed is said to be an "old wives" remedy for weight loss. There are also supporting scientific reports that chickweed is beneficial to weight loss.

Chickweed is a diuretic (it induces loss of fluid from the body by diverse means, one of which is inhibiting the kidney's ability to reabsorb sodium, which enhances the loss of sodium in the urine, when sodium is lost in the urine, water is also lost), so with the loss of fluid and sodium it helps in weight loss. It is also said to be an appetite suppressant.


Dandelion acts as a blood tonic and stimulant which causes the body to burn more calories and would eventually cause the liver to work more effectively. The body would then burn fat more efficiently and store less, so you would lose weight. Dandelion can either be boiled with salt and eaten with butter, or eaten raw with a salad.


Fennel has a stimulating effect on the metabolism. The leaves, stems or seeds can be eaten, which would then help the liver and pancreas to speed up metabolism, more fats will be used up by the body with a faster metabolic rate instead of been stored.



Ginseng helps you to loose weight in two ways. First it speeds up metabolism, with a faster metabolic rate even if you eat the same amount of food, you end up having less calories to be converted into fat. Also, ginseng is a great energy booster and this will make you feel more vigorous and helps you maintain physical stamina during workout, thus making you participate in more physical exercise and at longer periods, and the result you know will be weight loss.


Yarrow acts as a diuretic where it stabilizes body fluids which helps the body to get rid of excess water.

Even though we have these great herbs which can help with weight loss, in order for it to be most effective, it must be combined with the other two most important factors, which includes proper dieting and regular exercise.

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