List of Spices and Their Uses

I took the liberty to prepare for you a list of spices and their uses, which I have come to realize that many people do not know that spice goes way back to ancient history, the only difference is that today, people are discovering that spice not only add flavour and act as a preservative to your food, it also can be used as a medicinal herb, culinary herb, to make cosmetics and also perfumery.

It is available in several forms such as fresh, whole dried or pre-ground dried.

Below you will find the list of spices and their uses, and on a separate page for each spice there is more in-depth information on how exactly you can use them. I hope you find this information very useful.

It is a very good idea to save this list of spices facts page for further use. It might just come in handy.


List of Spices and Their Uses


This is made from the dried unripe fruit of pimenta dioica and is great in jerk recipes

Alligator pepper

Alligator pepper is commonly used in Africa in soups and stews


Anise has a very sweet aroma and more frequently used in confectioners


Ammatto is more commonly used in Latin America and Caribbean cuisines as both a flavouring and a colouring agent

Bay leaf

Bay leaf comes from the bay laurel tree which is a native of the Mediterranean


Cardamom has a slightly sweet taste and leaves a similar sensation in your mouth to eucalyptus

Cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper has excellent medicinal properties, some benefits includeslowering blood pressure and rebuilding tissues in the stomach


Cinnamon is a great spice for sweet foods and has quite a number of medicinal properties.


Curry powder is very popular in Indian cuisine, has a most delectable taste when used on chicken, with a very nice aroma too


Garlic is very rich in antioxidants which helps destroy free radicals

Ginger and Galangal

Ginger is a native to India and China and has great medicinal properties, galangal belongs to the same ginger family and is commonly used in Thai foods

Nutmeg and Mace

Nutmeg is a great flavourings for sweet foods

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