Know Your Medicinal Herbs

Medicinal herbs are fast becoming the number one form of medicine for mankind. With the little or no side effects, as opposed to man-made medicine, herbs are now seen as a safer way to cure or treat diseases.

medicinal herbs

A study on the history of herbs proved that herbs were the first medicine known to mankind, and as the world gets more civilized, man started using extract from herbs along with other ingredients to make medicine.


Angelica a good tonic for women and children

Aloe Vera

The Aloe Vera plant is popularly known as "nature's silent healer" and is also called "the herb of immortality" by the old Egyptians.


Arrowroot is also known as obedience plant and is used as a starch


Cerasee - you might think it is bitter, but this medicinal herb is the bitter herb that work


Comfrey is a powerful herb which is favoured by most countries to help heal broken bones and promote youthfulness of the skin when used to bath


In ancient times, this herb was said to be a love tonic


This herb can be used as a medicinal herb both internally and externally


Funnel is indigenous to the shores of the Mediterranean and has become widely popular in many parts of the world, especially on dry soils


This herb is excellent in reducing blood sugar levels and cholesterol


Goldenrod or sweet golden rod, a very attractive looking plant and is a native to Europe and Asia, got its name because of its golden inflorescence flowers


Goldenseal has great medicinal properties, some includes acting as an antibiotic and an immune systems enhancer

Guinea Hen Weed

This amazing herb is currently being researched as a cancer treatment.

King of the Forest

As the name suggests, this herb is the "king of the forest" and is used extensively in many countries as medicine for various ailments

Lady's mantle

This herb is known as the most famous herb as medicine for most women's complaint


Lavendar has a sweet aromatic smell and is frequently used in baths to help purify the body and spirit

Leaf of Life

A native to Africa, Leaf of Life is used extensively in Jamaica as medicine for coughs and colds

Lemon Bbalm

Lemon Balm -a very easily grown herb and has a fresh scented citrus aroma

Milk Thistle

Milk Thistle is used through out the world as medicine for liver disease and many others


Also called the "miracle tree", recent studies showed that moringa contains the 9 essential amino acids


This medicinal herb is said to ease labour pains in women and help calm the nerves after childbirth


Nettle contains antihistamine properties, also this medicine is said to aid numerous ailments including prostate cancer


More than just a nice flavour and sweet aroma, Penny Royal offers a number of health benefits


More than just a nice flavour and sweet aroma, the health benefits of peppermint are overwhelming


Rosemary is said to shield the brain from free radicals, lowering the risk of some brain diseases like Alzheimer's disease


Sarsaparilla is a blood purifier and is said to strengthen the penis

St John's Wort

This herb is widely used as a herbal medicine for depression

Strong Back

Strong Back is said to be used as a medicine to help with reproductive organs, impotence, spine and others


Ancient Romans used this herb to treat numerous disorders, some are snake bite and diarrhea


Yarrow has an unpleasant smell but has great medicinal properties

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