Adding More Flavour to Your Health with Spices and Herbs

Everyday we learn new things. We are about to learn the most important benefits of spices and herbs that has been hidden from us for so long. Many of us really do not know the history of spices which tells us how spices were used in ancient days and how they came about.

Spices played an important role then in many different ways, which include how they were used by different countries in cultural practices, and as a form of medicine since little or no man-made medicine were available then.

spices and cinnamon

Spices can be described as an aromatic substance we use to add flavour and colour to our food, or as a preservative that kills harmful bacteria and prevents growth. Each country has its own unique way of how spices and herbs are used and what they use them on.

One country may use a specific spice or herb on a specific food and another country may find it strange to use the same spice or herb on that same food. What most people are now discovering is that most of the spices we use on our food can also be used as medicine.

There are a few people nowadays who are so fascinated with spices that they pride themselves in knowing absolutely everything about them. If they are asked, they can give you a list of spices and what the best foods are to use them on. My Grandma would normally say "It doesn't make any sense you cook your meat if you don't have your spices", and that point was well taken by the girls in my family.

Natural Herbs also contain powerful stimulating nutrients which are been used for many years worldwide as a safe and effective way of achieving optimal health. Many Doctors today are even referring patients to spices and herbs as oppose to man made medicine. They are now realizing how beneficial they are to our health. A lot of people are even interested in growing their own herbs nowadays.

Some of us either use our herb to make a tea maybe because we might like the taste or the aroma, want to add more flavour to our food, or just to have something planted in our garden. Many of us are ignorant of the wonderful health benefits they have, but as time goes by we are learning of the wonderful gift God has given us. He has made a herb that can either cure or help any form of disease.

How we distinguish spices from herbs is pretty easy. A spice is a dried seed, fruit, root or vegetative substance while herbs are leafy green plants. Even though there are herbs with different colours, you may find majority of herbs green in colour. There are also herbs that can be classified as edible flowers, these are more commonly used as flowers but they are useful either cooked, as a tea, or other culinary uses.

lavender and cinnamon

So on this little website where you are provided with a wealth of information about herbs and spices, you will most definitely think about using more of the right spices and herbs to improve your health either mentally, physically or sexually. Yes, sexually, and we will definitely go into more details about that. After all, who doesn't want to improve their sexual life.

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